As the summer days give way to cooler ones, now is the time to consider making some home improvements that can improve your home’s appearance. A few inexpensive investments can make a big difference in the visual image of your home, whether or not you have any plans to sell it. Entering from the garage tends to prevent you from seeing your home from the street, though it is convenient to avoid rain and heat.

1. Pressure Washing

Less expensive than paint, a new or rented pressure washer can rejuvenate your existing paint by removing damage caused by the sun. It would help if you pressure washed before painting anyway, but doing so now may give you another year of wear without buying expensive paint. Professional contractors use chemicals that deter the reemergence of unsightly algae and mildew that form in Florida’s heat, and they take care to avoid damaging your plants and shrubs.

To avoid paying a contractor, you may consider doing the job yourself. You get to see the results of your work immediately as the wand sweeps away dull paint. However, keep in mind that controlling approximately 1800 pounds of pressure per square inch can tire you rather quickly. Besides, the powerful spray is potentially dangerous to exposed skin. Remember to clean your concrete driveway and walkways while you have access to a powerful machine.

2. Painting the Front Door

To get an idea of how a new color on your front door can change the appearance of the entire façade, take a picture of your entryway and enlarge it. From your home improvement store, choose a few color chips you may like for your front door. After cutting the photograph to remove the door that you currently have, place the chips behind the hole to see what a difference a new color can make. Without buying any paint or doing any work, you can see the change that may lie ahead.

3. Getting a New Mailbox

A visible feature of your home that is used every day may have a tired and worn-out appearance. While you probably pick up your letters and magazines from your mailbox daily, you may not take the time to look at them. Some homeowners choose to make a mailbox a highly decorative feature, complete with ornate designs and surrounded by flowering vines. A new mailbox with attractive numbers in a contrasting color gives the appearance of freshness and attention to detail.

4. Clearing the Garage

Accumulating junk that takes up room in your garage occupies space that belongs to your car. Parking in the driveway is often a sign that there is no room for a car inside the garage. Find a junk dealer who can haul away discarded microwave ovens, bathroom scales, rusted gas cans, and outdated water treatment equipment. By reclaiming the space, you can organize your garage’s contents and make room to park your car.
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