Knowing our clients is as important as knowing our Market Areas.

We listen and learn so that we can customize our services to your unique situation.

Dooley Realty Group begins by understanding where you’ve been and where you want to be, and by understanding your budget. And we make sure you understand the area you will soon call “home.”

Dooley Realty Group reviews and shows you all available property within the parameters you set, the Group offers interactive computer displays to personalize the home-buying experience and educate you on the online resources that put a wealth of information at your fingertips, from active listings to closed sales to how many people have looked at your property and what they thought of the property. We advertise to the people and in the places that will most benefit you not our image.

While most REALTORS have the same tools available to them – access to Multiple Listing Service Databases, Listing Book, Automated Evaluation Systems via public records, syndication programs, etc. – it is how these tools are used to evaluate, analyze and develop various options for a client that is crucial in today’s market. The communication of this information as well as a comprehensive explanation of the facts developed by the agent’s analysis is the way in which clients obtain an understanding and become comfortable with their decisions. This is what Dooley Realty Group and our Associated Agents offer to you. This what defines the Group in comparison to other real estate teams.

Dooley Realty Group’s goal is to strive to exceed our customers every expectation. In the unlikely event that we do not exceed all of your expectations, we offer an “Easy Exit Agreement” to all of our Contracts.